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We’ve compiled some simple answers to the most often asked questions regarding registration, tryouts, practice schedules and of course regular season game play. We hope this will help make your experience with Fort Myers American Little League a positive one. And if your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Registration for Spring baseball and softball begins in December.  League play and practice for Spring T-Ball, Coach Pitch, and Rookies Softball are from February through May.  League play and practice for all other Spring divisions are from February through early June.  FMALL also offers a Fall Ball program that runs from September through late November.

No.  It is up to the parent or guardian to determine the use of face guard masks on batting helmets.

Yes.  Each volunteer is required to fill out a background check form.  FMALL reviews each background check for approval status.

All players at all division levels are issued hats, jerseys and pants through FMALL. Players are responsible for purchasing belts and socks to complete the uniform.  All players should have their own batting helmet, bat and glove. Occasionally, the league will have fundraisers that players will be responsible for as well. For more information check with your team mom or manger.

Yes, full refunds are typically handled before the practice season starts. Partial refunds are given after the season begins and uniforms have been distributed.

Yes, we will post a master game schedule for the season on the FMALL website team pages. All updates to the season schedule will be available on the website.  Dates are subject to change due to school activity conflicts.

Once all teams have been assembled or drafted – a full practice and playing schedule will be set and coordinated through your Team Manager in early February. Practice times begin on February 7th for the upper divisions and soon thereafter for the lower divisions.

Yes. Request should be made on the registration form in the “Special Request” location. Every attempt will be made to accommodate requests, but no guarantees are provided. Divisions where there is a tryout and draft process will not be able to preselect managers.

Boys 8 and up and Girls 9 and up need to participate in tryouts.  Each eligible player will only need to attend ONE of the two tryout dates.  Tryouts are for player draft purposes only to ensure that teams are evenly balanced by level of skill. Lower division teams that don’t have tryouts are assembled by each division Commissioner and do not need to tryout.

Yes.  One player can be protected for the Manager and one player can be protected for the Coach.  In the case where a Manager or Coach has twins, FMALL will determine if both of the twins can be protected on a case by case basis.

No. 12 year olds must play in the Majors Division.

Yes. If a parent or guardian does not feel their 11 or 12 year old child should play in the Majors Division, they may request to have their child be made eligible for the Minors Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration. Based on Little League rules, the parent or guardian must complete a waiver request form and request that the Board of Directors consider approving the waiver. If approved, the Board of Directors will forward to the District 8 Administrator for a final decision. The District Administrator has final authority for approval/denial without appeal.

No. FMALL has determined that part of the Majors Division season will be played at the 50/70 Intermediate Division dimensions to better prepare majors players for the next level of baseball. 10 year olds are not allowed to play at the 50/70 field dimensions by Little League rules.

Yes. If a parent or guardian does not feel their 9 year old child should play in the Minors Division, they may request to have their child eligible for the Farm AAA Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration.

In some cases an 8 year old can play in the Minors Division. A parent or guardian must make this request at time of registration.

Yes. You will need to show proof of school enrollment at time of registration.

A map showing the league boundaries can be found on the FMALL website.

No, a player must be registered in their proper playing division based on their eligible playing age. If a player wants to request to ‘play up’, this should be done by making the request in the “special request” section located within the online pre-registration form. All moves ‘up’ are done in our database after our registration process has been closed and during the process of team formation.

If you have pre-registered online, we will review birth certificates and proof of address documents at the registration table during tryout dates.

Yes, we will continue to offer registration at both tryout dates. You can pre-register online or manually fill out forms at the tryout site. You must bring birth certificates and proof of address or school attendance to the registration desk at tryouts.

Yes, all players must provide three proofs of residency showing current home address and child’s birth certificate if you are registering in person OR online.  Proofs of residency can include a utility bill, homeowner documentation (mortgage, rental), insurance documentation, driver’s license, school records, etc. that show your current address.  This is a requirement of Little League International.

Complete your registration means showing three proofs of residency with current home address and child’s birth certificate.

Yes, all boys in baseball are required to wear a “cup” at practice and at games.

T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Rookies Softball, and Baseball: 1 practice per week and 1-2 games per week. Practices are typically held on a Saturdays and games are  typically held throughout the week.

All Other Baseball and Softball Divisions: Practices are generally after 4pm on a weekday or on Sundays. Games are usually during the week after 4pm or on Saturdays. (Softball may have some Sunday interleague games as well.)
Click on the “DIVISIONS” tab above for more specific game and practice requirements for each division.